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The top 50 mobile games of 2022

A selection of the most exciting titles for mobile devices that you can play for free.

There are so many free titles in the digital stores of Google Play and the App Store that many of us are simply dizzy by the abundance of options available. This selection will help you figure out which of the free projects really deserves attention. Here are collected the best representatives of most genres – from strategies and first-person shooters to puzzles and platformers.

In this article, we have collected the best free games for Android and iOS phones, and also left download links for each Google Play and App Store games for iPhone. The selection includes games that require a newer phone with high specs and unpretentious with low requirements to satisfy any demand.


Genre: Adventure game

This is a wonderful arcade game that, together with its prequel Alto’s Adventure , is one of the most exciting games for mobile devices. The gameplay here consists of descending from dangerous slopes, during which you need to dodge obstacles, flaunt spectacular tricks and, of course, collect objects along the way. The main advantages of Alto’s Odyssey are its mesmerizing visual style, as well as addictive gameplay.

Download Alto’s Odyssey on Google Play

Download Alto’s Odyssey on the App Store


Genre: Battle Royale

The mobile version of the famous multiplayer project has incorporated all the best that was remembered in the original: rich gameplay, excellent graphics and interesting team mechanics. Now everyone can choose their favorite heroes and take part in spectacular matches not only on home consoles, but also on phones at any time convenient for them.

Download Apex Legends Mobile on Google Play

Download Apex Legends Mobile on the App Store


Genre: Arcade game

This is a classic arcade project where you have to travel through bizarre environments and destroy glass obstacles with the help of limited metal balls. The main advantages of the game are simple but addictive gameplay, as well as impressive destruction physics, which still looks decent to this day. With each completed location, the level of difficulty in Smash Hit grows noticeably, so the game will definitely not let you get bored.

Download Smash Hit on Google Play

Download Smash Hit on the App Store


Genre: Racing Simulator

This is a high-quality drag racing simulator that will appeal to all fans of online racing. Here are the most powerful cars from real manufacturers, which look especially impressive thanks to amazing graphics. The game features several modes, the most interesting of which is multiplayer races with users from all over the world. Among the main advantages of the title are responsive controls and a deep auto customization system.

Download CSR Racing 2 on Google Play

Download CSR Racing 2 on the App Store


Genre: Action RPG

The famous gacha project needs no introduction. It’s a fun, award-winning open-world action RPG that’s been ported to almost every home gaming platform. The secret of the title’s popularity lies in its bright visual style, rich gameplay, as well as the abundance of colorful characters, each of which boasts a unique character, backstory and abilities that are unlike anything else.

Download Genshin Impact on Google Play

Download Genshin Impact on the App Store


Genre: First-person shooter

The game is an excellent team shooter, made in the spirit of classic projects like Counter-Strike . There are several interesting game modes, as well as an extensive system for customizing weapons and character skins. Critical Ops is the perfect project for anyone who likes fast-paced shooters where victory depends on smart teamwork and quick reactions.

Download Critical Ops on Google Play

Download Critical Ops on the App Store


Genre: KKI

At the moment, the brainchild of Riot Games is deservedly one of the most popular card games. Unlike its main rival Hearthstone , Legends of Runeterra does not require users to regularly invest real money in the game. Thanks to a well-thought-out system of rewards and achievements, here you can collect impressive collections of cards without spending a dime. Add to this interesting gameplay mechanics, coupled with several modes, and you get a worthy representative of the TCG genre.

Download Legends of Runeterra on Google Play

Download Legends of Runeterra on the App Store


Genre: MOBA

This is a bright heir to such high-profile projects as League of Legends and DOTA 2 , which has absorbed all the best from its predecessors. In addition to the classic multiplayer for the genre, there is also a single-player campaign with a very good story. By default, the game features 3 heroes, but as you progress, you can unlock 7 more characters for online battles. All fans of the MOBA genre will find something for themselves in this project.

Download Planet of Heroes on Google Play


Genre: Racing Simulator

This is one of the latest installments in the long running arcade racing franchise. It retains the same basic mechanics as its predecessors, but a few things have changed. It’s about the scale of the game: there are dozens of cars, hundreds of game events and tracks, and there is also a rich online multiplayer. The entire series boasts excellent graphics, easy-to-learn gameplay, and extreme addictiveness.

Download Asphalt 9: Legends on Google Play

Download Asphalt 9: Legends on the App Store


Genre: RPG

Do you like quality RPGs in a fantasy setting? Then you should not pass by Age of Magic . The abundance of heroes, a deep leveling system, interesting turn-based battles and regular events are just a small part of the game’s advantages. Of particular note are stylish graphics, several exciting game modes, as well as an impressive amount of content, which, according to the authors, should be enough for several hundred hours.

Download Age of Magic on Google Play

Download Age of Magic on the App Store


Genre: First person shooter

The authors of the mobile version of CoD included in it all the best that was available in the multiplayer games from the main line. There are several modes here (from classic team shootouts to royal battles), as well as an impressive arsenal of weapons. The shooter also boasts convenient controls, as well as excellent performance, thanks to which the graphics look great even on not very powerful devices.

Download Call of Duty: Mobile on Google Play

Download Call of Duty: Mobile on the App Store



This is an ideal transfer of the project to the framework of mobile gaming without compromising quality. In this version, almost all the functionality of the original has been preserved – in Perfect World Mobile , you can just explore the picturesque locations inspired by Chinese folklore, fight all kinds of monsters in an attempt to knock out better equipment, or enjoy a peaceful life, playing the role of a quiet family farmer.

Download Perfect World Mobile on Google Play

Download Perfect World Mobile on the App Store


Genre: City building simulator

This project is a kind of analogue of SimCity : in this simulator, you will have to not only build quarters, but also monitor the balance of sleeping and industrial areas, as well as pay attention to the construction of entertainment complexes, cafes and restaurants, as well as other establishments. The gameplay in Pocket City is thought out to the smallest detail – there are even such mechanics as regulated taxation of citizens!

Download Pocket City on Google Play

Download Pocket City on the App Store


Genre: RPG

This is another rather curious gacha game designed both for fans of the FF series and for numerous fans of the genre. In addition to many heroes from the licensed parts of the franchise, this project is able to surprise with its full-fledged single-player campaign, the content of which should be enough for about 150 hours. This RPG also has various events, as well as an arena mode where you can test your skills against other players from all over the planet.

Download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on Google Play

Download Final Fantasy Brave Exvius on the App Store


Genre: First person shooter

This is another example of a successful port. The mobile version of the famous shooter is not inferior to the classic version either in the number of game modes, or in the available arsenal, or in the level of optimization. You can take part in it both in rating multiplayer matches and in single-player missions with AI opponents, where you can test your skills with one or another weapon.

Download Warface: Global Operations on Google Play

Download Warface: Global Operations on the App Store


Genre: RPG

The game is a curious mix of RPG and fortress defense genres. The gameplay in it is divided into several stages: in one of them, players are invited to upgrade their heroes, exploring a large-scale world, and in the second, to defend their positions from hordes of enemies, using many available skills. In addition to nice graphics and varied gameplay, it is also worth noting the presence of PvP modes and a generous reward system for any victories.

Download Magic Rush: Heroes on Google Play

Download Magic Rush: Heroes on the App Store


Genre: Sandbox

It’s hard to find a player who hasn’t heard of the legendary Minecraft . This is not only the most popular sandbox game, but also one of the best relaxing games. Here you can enjoy entire castles or even cities, enjoying the process itself in creative mode. And if the soul requires adventure, then you can go into survival mode, where you need to extract various resources, craft more and more advanced items and hide in a shelter from all kinds of monsters.

Download Minecraft on Google Play

Download Minecraft on the App Store


Genre: Puzzle

This is a real gift for everyone who fondly remembers the first parts of The Room franchise . This project includes a solid set of creative puzzles, over the solution of which you will have to rack your brains properly. Here, more than ever, observation, logic and the ability to take a non-standard approach to solving various problems will come in handy.

Download Room Escape: 50 Rooms on Google Play

Download Room Escape: 50 Rooms on the App Store


Genre: Racing Simulator

This is a big budget project in the spirit of the latest NFS titles for PC and home consoles. It incorporates all the recognizable features of the franchise, including crazy races through busy streets, an impressive array of licensed cars, an adrenaline-filled soundtrack, and rich customization options. The game includes several modes, among which there are both races with AI opponents and the police, and races with live participants.

Download Need for Speed: NL on Google Play

Download Need for Speed: NL on the App Store


Genre: Third Person Action

This is a pretty high-quality shooter, which is dedicated to the merciless extermination of crowds of zombies. In addition to good physics, the game boasts an abundance of interesting scenarios – for example, skirmishes will take place in a variety of locations, and the heroes will periodically have to defend bases and fight off zombies while on board a helicopter or sitting in a truck. Separately, it is worth noting the well-implemented multiplayer brawls.

Download Left to Survive on Google Play

Download Left to Survive on the App Store


Genre: Space shooter

Ailment is a pixel shooter inspired by classic sci-fi. With its atmosphere, it resembles such cult films as, for example, Alien and The Thing , and from a gameplay point of view, it is easy to find similarities with the Hotline Miami dilogy . The heroes of the game are forced to explore a huge spaceship in order to find the key to salvation, and at the same time destroy the aliens that have entered the ship. The success of this venture depends only on the ingenuity and reaction of the players.

Download Ailment on Google Play

Download Ailment on the App Store


Genre: First person shooter

This title is a spin-off of the main line of games dedicated to the adventures of the harsh Agent 47 with a barcode on the back of his head. Over the course of 150 missions, it is necessary to eliminate various targets from a sniper rifle here, and over and over again, the complexity of the tasks will increase. Therefore, it is recommended to pay attention to the pumping of weapons, as well as to follow the conditions of each mission in order to select the right equipment.

Download Hitman: Sniper on Google Play

Download Hitman: Sniper on the App Store


Genre: Arcade racing game

The sequel to the crazy racing game turned out to be an exemplary continuation, in which there was a place for all the features of the original. There are even more cars and motorcycles (and with them the available spare parts), the obstacles on the tracks have become much more sophisticated, and the gameplay itself has become even more dynamic. Interesting daily tasks, achievements, as well as a handy leaderboard have also appeared here.

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 on Google Play

Download Hill Climb Racing 2 on the App Store


Genre: First person shooter

This is a revolutionary project that is quite drawn to a full-fledged console game. The new shooter is able to amaze with its outstanding graphics, impressive storyline campaign, as well as well-developed multiplayer modes (raids and co-op). The developers have also included RPG elements in the game – the main character can choose equipment from 200 different armor elements with different features.

Download Shadowgun Legends on Google Play

Download Shadowgun Legends on the App Store


Genre: Battle Royale

Despite the fact that the development of the mobile version of PUBG was carried out by a studio that had nothing to do with the original, the final result exceeded all expectations. The authors managed to transfer the grandiose royal battle with all its features to smartphones, including a lot of modes of transport, weapons, equipment and other details. Surprisingly, the feeling of the scale of what is happening was not lost.

Download PUBG mobile on Google Play

Download PUBG mobile on the App Store


Genre: Adventure game

This is an outstanding indie title that has been exclusive to iOS for a long time. It won the hearts of many players with its charming graphics, soothing gameplay, as well as a touching story and a magical soundtrack. Sky offers to go on an unforgettable journey through the picturesque kingdom in order to save it from darkness and return the extinguished stars to their places.

Download Sky: Children of the Light on Google Play

Download Sky: Children of the Light on the App Store


Genre: Football Simulator

The mobile version of FIFA is inferior to the standard version of the football simulator in terms of the number of game modes, but the gameplay in it is performed at about the same level. Instead of the usual career mode, the game has a season mode, where you need to lead your favorite team to the title of champions of a particular league as a coach. Of course, multiplayer has not disappeared anywhere – in FIFA Football you can compete with other players in one of several formats.

Download FIFA Football on Google Play

Download FIFA Football on the App Store


Genre: MMO Simulator

Most players who caught the classic version of WoT about 10 years ago note that Blitz is like two peas in a pod. Thus, if the current version of the simulator for “big screens” seems to be overloaded with modes and details, then Blitz , with its simple and understandable gameplay, as well as convenient controls, can become a real outlet for all fans of tank battles.

Download World of Tanks: Blitz on Google Play

Download World of Tanks: Blitz on the App Store


Genre: Arcade go-kart simulator

Like all previous karting simulators dedicated to Mario and his friends, this title invites you to take part in fun races in the company of motley characters. A distinctive feature of Mario Kart Tour is locations inspired by world capitals like Paris, Tokyo and New York. Take part in spectacular races and go through exciting challenges to unlock new heroes and tracks, as well as expand your collection of vehicles.

Download Mario Kart Tour on Google Play

Download Mario Kart Tour on the App Store


Genre: Strategy

The game is a story strategy game dedicated to the adventures of the owner of the castle. Controlling the main character, you need to make thoughtful decisions, correctly allocate resources for army upgrades and upgrade the castle, as well as fight opponents of all stripes – from weak skeletons and orcs to terrible giants and dragons. In addition to the single player campaign, the game also features a multiplayer mode in which you can raid other people’s castles and defend your own.

Download Hustle Castle on Google Play

Download Hustle Castle on the App Store


Genre: RTS

This is one of the best mobile strategy games where you can build your own village, create a powerful army and go into battle with other players. In it, you can form entire clans and wage full-scale wars with your neighbors, or immerse yourself in an epic single-player campaign and try to overthrow the insidious goblin king. Master all kinds of units and buildings to become an invincible commander.

Download Clash of Clans on Google Play

Download Clash of Clans on the App Store


Genre: Fighting

This is a full adaptation of one of the latest licensed MK for mobile devices. A rich roster of characters, including heroes from 9, 10 and 11 parts, spectacular fights, brutal finishing moves, a convenient progression system and an impressive story mode – the version of Mortal Kombat for smartphones has absorbed all this and much more. And do not forget about the rich customization options (here you can choose not only costumes, but also your preferred fighting styles).

Download Mortal Kombat on Google Play

Download Mortal Kombat on the App Store



The ported version of the incredibly beautiful multiplayer RPG has retained everything that players loved in the original. This list includes outstanding graphics with an incredible level of detail, spectacular battles, a vibrant open world, as well as countless side activities – from farming to fishing. Interactions with other players have not disappeared anywhere either: in Black Desert Mobile, you can form alliances and arrange raids on especially difficult bosses.

Download Black Desert Mobile on Google Play

Download Black Desert Mobile on the App Store


Genre: First-person shooter with MMORPG elements

The sequel to the famous action game for smartphones has not lost its former enthusiasm, but, on the contrary, has become even more spectacular and exciting. The main action of Evolution 2 takes place on a distant planet, captured by unfriendly monsters of all shapes and colors. To exterminate all opponents, you will need to strengthen your base and regularly go on dangerous sorties, encountering squads of bloodthirsty creatures. Of course, it is better to do this in the company of faithful partners.

Download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia on Google Play

Download Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia on the App Store


Genre: Survival Simulator

The action of this strategy takes place in the familiar setting of a zombie apocalypse, where you need to manage a whole detachment of survivors and prevent them from going to the next world ahead of time. A significant part of the gameplay is devoted to strengthening your base, which is regularly stormed by the walking dead. Turn it into an impregnable fortress using the unique skills of your wards and deal with the hordes of the undead.

Download Zero City on Google Play

Download Zero City on the App Store


Genre: Augmented reality game

This is one of those rare projects that involves interaction with the real world. Pokemon Go players have the opportunity to find Pokemon on the streets of their city by exploring special points of interest on the map. Captured pocket monsters can be trained and improved, and then sent to fight among themselves. In the game, you can also get additional items and consumables by visiting special locations (aka PokeStop ).

Download Pokemon Go on Google Play

Download Pokemon Go on the App Store


Genre: MMO strategy

In the game Vikings , anyone can get used to the role of a wise ruler, whose main goal is to capture as much land as possible with the help of his growing army. Here are dozens of unique units, buildings and ships that no kingdom can do without. Expand your territories, upgrade your army, open access to new technologies and crush the forces of enemies to earn the title of the best commander of your era.

Download Vikings: War of Clans on Google Play

Download Vikings: War of Clans on the App Store


Genre: Strategy

The game is a colorful and deeply developed ruler simulator that allows you to immerse yourself in the everyday life of a medieval emperor. By choosing one of 20 characters, get ready to manage an entire civilization, the prosperity and success of which depends solely on the decisions of the commander in chief. In addition to nice graphics and a user-friendly interface, Rise of Kingdoms also surprises with gameplay details (for example, real historical figures that you can recruit into your armies).

Download Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade on Google Play

Download Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade on the App Store


Genre: Strategy

This is one of the highest quality multiplayer strategies made in a fantasy setting. Among the main advantages of King of Avalon , it is worth noting excellent graphics, deeply developed gameplay with elements of city-building simulators and turn-based strategies, as well as the ability to form alliances with real players. And the main trump card of the game is the dragons, presented here as weapons of mass destruction and capable of single-handedly changing the outcome of any battle.

Download King of Avalon on Google Play

Download King of Avalon on the App Store


Genre: Stealth action

Republique is one of the rare stealth action games for mobile platforms. The game invites you to immerse yourself in the setting of a gloomy dystopia and take part in the story of Hope, a young girl who wants to leave the walls of a totalitarian city forever. To do this, she will have to use her hacking and thief skills, hacking into computers and making her way past the guards. Will she be able to overcome all obstacles and gain freedom?

Download Republique on Google Play

Download Republique on the App Store


Genre: Action RPG

The epic role-playing game Skyrim from the Bethesda studio , which managed to visit, perhaps, all possible platforms, has also reached mobile devices in a slightly modified form. In this version, players are invited to build their own city and defend it from enemy attacks, while exploring the vast world and improving the abilities and equipment of the protagonist. Here you can also participate in arena battles and play co-op with friends.

Download The Elder Scrolls: Blades on Google Play

Download The Elder Scrolls: Blades on the App Store


Genre: Fighting

The famous fighting game dedicated to the confrontation between the heroes of DC comics , noticeably prettier compared to the first part. In addition to the story campaign, Injustice 2 introduced challenge modes, as well as PvP battles with real players. Characters, meanwhile, have learned to interact with their environment in combat, as well as perform combos from several special moves. As before, in battles you can switch between the three selected heroes by combining their skills.

Download Injustice 2 on Google Play

Download Injustice 2 on the App Store


Genre: MMO strategy

This is a great 3D strategy game that focuses on combat with live players (both in PvP and in guilds). The gameplay in this title follows the traditions of the genre: here you need to build and upgrade your own base, create an army and immerse yourself in battles using your tactical skills. Lords Mobile often gets into the selection of the best competitive projects for smartphones, and this is explained by the balanced gameplay and relatively low entry threshold.

Download Lords Mobile on Google Play

Download Lords Mobile on the App Store


Genre: Strategy

This is one of the few strategies made in the setting of a modern metropolis. Mafia City invites everyone to lead a criminal clan and gradually expand its influence, competing with thousands of other families controlled by real players. Here you can form fragile alliances, commit vile betrayals and eliminate weakened opponents – in other words, go to the top by any means.

Download Mafia City on Google Play

Download Mafia City on the App Store


Genre: RTS, simulation

This is the only virus simulator of its kind with realistic rules. The main goal of each match is to create the most deadly disease possible and mow down the entire population of the globe with its help. The game has several levels of difficulty, as well as a huge variability in pumping certain diseases. Thanks to a convenient learning system, get comfortable in Plague Inc. almost any player can!

Download Plague Inc. on Google Play

Download Plague Inc. in App Store


Genre: Survival Simulator

State of Survival invites you to immerse yourself in a world that has survived a zombie apocalypse. A handful of survivors under the control of the player establishes a small settlement, where she will have to survive in harsh conditions, collecting scarce resources and fighting off both crowds of the dead and enemy units. Rescue survivors and forge alliances with other players to last as long as possible.

Download State of Survival on Google Play

Download State of Survival on the App Store


Genre: Strategy

It’s a strategy game with a charmingly minimalistic aesthetic where you have to build your settlement from scratch, equip it, and take care of its safety – the main source of headaches here are not only opponents, but also harsh weather conditions like severe frosts and strong winds. You have to survive here alone, but you can share your achievements with other players over the network.

Download The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands on Google Play

Download The Bonfire: Forsaken Lands on the App Store


Genre: City building simulator

This is a casual strategy designed for those who want to get used to the role of the mayor of a cozy town without spending long hours delving into the basic gameplay mechanics. In addition to nice graphics, convenient controls and simple gameplay, Township boasts an abundance of content, as well as the ability to share resources with friends.

Download Township on Google Play

Download Township on the App Store


Genre: Online platform for games

Roblox is a unique platform for creating games of almost any genre – from sports or racing simulators to fighting games and shooters. Here you can either dive into creating your dream project, or check out thousands of games from other enthusiasts. The possibilities of this site are almost limitless, which explains its popularity.

Download Roblox on Google Play

Download Roblox on the App Store


Genre: Puzzle, horror

This is a relatively short, but extremely intense puzzle game, made according to all the precepts of horror. The main character, who finds himself in a maniac’s hut, needs to find a way out as soon as possible without falling into the eyes of a dangerous pursuer. Ahead of him is a harsh game of cat and mouse and a lot of unusual puzzles that need to be solved on the fly. It depends only on the reaction and ingenuity of the players whether he will be able to get out or not.

Download Metel Horror Escape on Google Play

Download Metel Horror Escape on the App Store

We hope you liked our selection of the best free games for Android and iPhone and everyone was able to find an interesting title for their mobile phone.

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