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The Aroma Shooter – A New Device That Lets You Experience Smells From Games and Movies

The Japanese company Aromajoin showcased a device called the Aroma Shooter at CES 2023. Their technology is said to enable the digitization of fragrances and “create a new communication channel in the same category as text, images, and audio.” Simply put, it will be able to convey smells from games and movies.

The device includes a cartridge with an aroma-fluid and a spraying mechanism. It is claimed that the novelty will be able to switch between smells in 0.1 seconds and mix flavors almost instantly.

The company claims that users will be able to program over 100 Aroma Shooter flavors to fire in sync with events in the game or movie.

  • Aroma Shooter image 1
  • Aroma Shooter app image
  • Aroma shooter device image

The announced price point of the device is quite hefty – $998. The release date has not yet been announced.

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