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Strategy Demon Slayer: HUNT available on Android

The Demon Slayer: HUNT beta is ready to be played. Players will hunt monsters and hang their heads as trophies.

Demon Slayer: HUNT is a medieval fantasy mobile strategy game. Players will have to explore the gloomy forests, taking rare heroes with them on an expedition. Together they will carry out tasks to clear the land around the kingdom. Initially, they are shrouded in the fog of war, and nearby you can see a huge boss who destroys foreign kingdoms with one blow.

Demon Slayer: HUNT is currently in beta testing in Canada, Australia, Denmark, and the UK. You can play the early version on Android. We are glad that the plot dialogues are voiced, and a thematic soundtrack plays in the background. As for the battles, they take place in an automatic format and in real-time.

In addition to researching and cleaning up locations from filth, Demon Slayer: HUNT players improve their kingdom and join the ranks of alliances to fight evil together and participate in massive PvP. By the way, in the early version, there are already in-game purchases.

Download at Google Play

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