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Skyrim turns 10! TOP 10 reasons why Skyrim is so legendary: cool quests, charismatic companions, a lot of memes, and much more.

Skyrim came out exactly ten years ago. Over the years, the game has not lost its relevance – according to SteamDB, tens of thousands of gamers are playing every day the Special Edition. But what exactly made the project so legendary? In this article, we have collected ten things why players still adore Skyrim. Have a nice Reading!

Cool quests

Skyrim is filled with small villages, large cities, and endless forests. In each of them, Dovahkiin is awaited by NPCs and notes that will give hundreds of quests. Some of the assignments turned out to be simple, but others are impressive even ten years later.

No matter how many years have passed, gamers are unlikely to forget the Dark Brotherhood Arc. It would seem that the hero simply agreed to help the orphan finish off the evil owner of the orphanage, but ended up in a mind-boggling case.

Once, falling asleep in a warm bed, Dovahkiin came to his senses in a creepy barn. Before him were three poor fellows in hoods on their knees, and next to them sat proudly Astrid, the leader of the Dark Brotherhood.

The lady demanded to choose the unfortunate and kill him – if everything went according to plan, the hero received an invitation to join the ranks of the assassins and participate in bloody quests. Among the assignments were the assassination of the leader of a well-known gang, attempts on the life of noble persons, and an operation to eliminate the emperor himself. It was fun!

But the game is full of other useful quests. The hero may stumble upon the sanctuary of the prince of madness Sheogorath, who, for fun, will propose to slaughter the population of an entire village. Or to accept the order of an orc who is terribly afraid of cats – the decision can be both trivial and non-obvious. Or spend the night in a hotel ship, and in the morning find out that the ship was hijacked by pirates.

Quests in Skyrim are great – they became one of the reasons for the legendary project. What tasks did you like the most? Tell us in the comments!

Diverse combat system

What kind of builds did gamers come up with to make the passage of Skyrim fun and varied. Prefer to smash enemies in close combat? Grab a sword, club, or any other weapon and rush into the fight. Do you want to become a true assassin? Pump up your stealth, grab a bow and do increased damage with headshots from around the corner. Do you want to feel like Gandalf? Slay the villains with magic!

At the same time, dozens of builds can be built around each style. Even the creation of a character wielding dual weapons is covered in a voluminous guide.

But you can add drive to the passage in other ways. For example, why not turn the hero into a werewolf and tear your enemies to pieces?

Which class did you prefer? Warrior, archer, magician, or something more curious? Answer in comments!

Amusing companions

Skyrim has a companion for every taste. If you prefer to fight alone, but want someone to praise your exploits, take the bard Sven. Do you like cats? Befriend a Khajiit Mage. Those who avoid the company of people can take the dog, Barbas, into the team – but is he really an ordinary dog?

Some companions turned out to be so charismatic that they deserve a place at the top of the best NPCs list. Take, for example, Cicero: a jester from the Dark Brotherhood who has gone so far that even the great Dovahkiin can get goosebumps.

During their joint adventures, Cicero will say a lot of oddities. He will constantly dance and offer to “kill someone,” or he will tell that he loves kittens and feeds them with rat poison. If you collect all the crazy phrases of the companion, it will be a large list. Have a look at this video down below.

At the same time, the lore of most satellites is well developed. For example, the same Cicero was once sane, but under one of the contracts he had to kill the jester. Before losing his life, the buffoon did not beg for mercy, like the others, but on the contrary laughed in the face of the killer. Cicero remembered that laugh and even considered it a gift from the Night Mother. This thought gradually drove the character crazy: soon the assassin put on a clown outfit and became the one he killed. Cool, isn’t it?


Dragons in Skyrim are something special. The very first appearance of a hefty creature that inadvertently saves Dovahkiin’s life is impressive. Alduin attacks a fortified settlement and easily interrupts crowds of warriors, flooding the area with fire. At first, it’s scary to even think that one day a powerful creature will have to be challenged.

Dovahkiin will meet different flying creatures. Durnehviir is an undead dragon with decaying skin and rotten wings. Sahrotaar is so unusual that it uses both fire and ice breath in battle. In the ruins of Labyrinthian, you can fight a skeleton dragon.

We should also mention Paarthurnax. He once served under Alduin, but then changed sides and began to treat people friendly. Scaled will teach Dovahkiin a lot and become his friend – because of this, most gamers rejected the offer of hunters to kill Paarthurnax.

In the Dragonborn add-on, the developers have expanded the functionality of the dragons. There, the hero learned to subdue the creatures and fly them around the area.

Huge world and endless gameplay

No matter how much you play Skyrim, the game will still surprise you with something new. The frosty lands are full of caves, where no man has set foot, overflowing with ghosts of ruins, keeping the eerie secrets of villages or dungeons, through which draugrs and even bosses roam. It is curious that markers do not lead to some of these places – you need to find them yourself.

Also, while traveling, there is a chance to meet many amusing NPCs. For example, not everyone knows that the first representative of the Dark Brotherhood can be found not in the same barn, but not far from the Lorey farm. There, Cicero drags the box with the body of the Night Mother to a new shelter – by the way, he could use the hero’s help.

If the Skyrim gameplay seems unrealistically sticky to you, the developers allow you to chop into the game endlessly. Even after completing all the storyline and side quests, the game will generate quests: either the assassins tell someone to finish off, or the thieves ask to steal something.

Unsurprisingly, some gamers get lost in Skyrim for thousands of hours. How much time did you spend in the game?

Rich lore

The universe of The Elder Scrolls is well-developed: the history of the world is full of gods, wars, races, intrigues, and mysteries. It is extremely interesting to understand where Alduin came from, what to expect from the Daedric princes, and which ruler is more suitable for Skyrim.

At the same time, there are no clear answers to some questions. Is Ulfric Stormcloak really a Thalmor agent? What is the Headless Horseman doing on the roads? How did the dragon end up in the Black Reach, which is deep underground? There are many versions, and fans are still debating about it.

And there are many books scattered across Skyrim that work great for the atmosphere. A collection of anecdotes, recipes for local dishes, stories of deceased rulers – you can learn a lot about these parts.

VR version

Bethesda today released a new re-release of Skyrim, bringing fishing, new armor, weapons, enemies, and quest chains to the project – all of which will surely improve the game. However, if you want to get some really fresh sensations from the brainchild of Todd Howard, check out the VR version .

In a virtual reality helmet, you will become a real Dragonborn, who bravely fights against enemies, wanders carelessly through the cities, and puts buckets on the heads of NPCs with a grin. Skyrim is a good reason to look at VR devices.


Is there a game that Craftsmen have released more mods for than Skyrim? Updates are released on the Nexus every month that bring new mechanics, skins, and quests to the project. Anyone can, for example, turn the hero into Geralt, take Yennefer as a companion, dilute the gameplay with hardcore in the manner of Dark Souls and have fun in a tavern, rolling a mod for full sex.


Over the past ten years, Skyrim has spawned a myriad of memes. Gamers ransacked stores, after pulling a basket over the seller’s head, laughed at Todd Howard, and his “hear, buy”, memorized the guards’ lines in the spirit of “let me guess, someone, stole your sweet roll.” However, we all know which meme from Skyrim is the most popular.

Skyrim in reality

The influence of Skyrim is so great, and there are so many memorable gizmos and characters that some of them have leaked into reality. For example, in Turkey, there is a hotel Azura Deluxe Resort & Spa, dedicated to the Daedric princess Azura. The territory is adorned with a majestic statue of a lady that towers over mere mortals.

In addition, every fan can buy a recipe book from Skyrim and bake that very sweet roll on their own. Or hold the legendary Blaze of Dawn in your hands. Or put on Nordic armor and go to a gathering of roleplayers.

The greatness of Skyrim and the tenth anniversary is not a reason to spend money on another re-release, but it’s worth thanking the developers for hundreds of happy hours spent in the game. Thanks, guys, it was a great adventure!

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