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On Steam, you can download 7 games for free at once. Among them, there is a shooter with a rating of 95%

Steam continues to replenish with free games. The other day, seven projects appeared in the store at once, which gamers can download for free. We are talking about games such as Symbiotic, Kandra The Moonwalker, Spacemancer, Be Funny Now! , World Seed, MYRNEscapes, and Desolate Shores.

Symbiotic is a first-person shooter with roguelike elements, in which the main character is an escaped prisoner who has stolen a unique weapon – a symbiote. During the passage, it will mutate and be supplemented with new abilities. The main task is to get out of the labyrinth located on an alien planet. The project received 95% positive feedback at the time of writing.

You can add Symbiotic to your library here.

Kandra The Moonwalker is a 3D platform adventure game inspired by classic Nintendo 64 and PlayStation titles including Spyro and Banjo Kazooie. “Explore worlds, help their inhabitants, fight enemies, unlock new abilities and collect gems,” the description says.

You can add Kandra The Moonwalker to your Steam library here.

Spacemancer is a sci-fi puzzle game in which you have to help the main character escape from the laboratory.

You can add Spacemancer to your Steam library here.

Be Funny Now! is an online party game that is a fun quiz game. The project has 81% positive reviews at the time of writing.

Add Be Funny Now! to your Steam library here.

World Seed is a sandbox MMORPG with roguelike elements and a card-based gameplay system. The focus of the game is on build diversity and character development.

World Seed free game

You can add World Seed to your Steam library here.

MYRNEscapes is a beautiful walking simulator that challenges players to explore a mysterious world made up of the ruins and artifacts of a once-powerful civilization.

You can add MYRNEscapes to your Steam library here.

Desolate Shores is a third-person sci-fi shooter set on Mars. The main character will have to fight alien creatures and save the survivors of the colony.

You can add Desolate Shores to your Steam library here.

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