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Next Far Cry 7: An insider told what the new Far Cry will be like. Some may not like it

Following the recent news of the departure from Ubisoft of Dan Hay, the creative director of the Far Cry series, rumors have appeared on the internet regarding the next Far Cry 7. Well-known journalist Jeff Grubb shared it.

According to Jeff, Dan oversaw the development of the new Far Cry title. The project should become a game-service in the spirit of the mysterious Assassin’s Creed Infinity. Very little is known about Infinity itself . The game is rumored to be an ever-evolving platform similar to GTA Online and Fortnite .

Far Cry 7

Previously, similar information was shared by Stephen Totilo, former chief editor of Kotaku. According to him, the new Far Cry will focus on online. And this summer, Jason Schreier of Bloomberg said that after the release of Far Cry 6, the series will go in a different direction.

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