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Mythic Path for Android is amazing for busy gamers

A beta version of Mythic Path for Android appeared in the Philippines. Players have to go through many locations to defeat Evil.

Mythic Path is a mobile game about the end of the world. It was released on Android, while the beta version is available in the Philippines. The developers assure that they will not delete progress after shutting down the servers.

Mythic Path has isometric and vertical gameplay, so it can be played with one hand and many elements are automatic. For example, the heroes themselves move and hit. I am glad that the developers from the Games Hub studio added video inserts on the game engine, and also hired voice actors.

Characters in Mythic Path need to be upgraded by increasing their overall power level. This is done through the performance of tasks, as well as the choice of individual answers in the dialogues. Otherwise, the gameplay is put on rails , so the heroes get experience and resources even offline.

More advanced Mythic Path players will be able to join a guild and communicate with each other regardless of where they live. Social elements also include PvP tournaments. It’s a pity that there is no Russian localization.

Download: Google Play

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