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Most Anticipated PC Games on Steam for January

According to SteamDBs data, the most anticipated PC game of January amongst Steam users has become known. This list was compiled based on the number of subscribers for each game.

The project that received the most subscribers was Square Enix’s Action RPG Forspoken. More than 56,000 Steam users have signed up for the game. They even managed to surpass the Dead Space Remake by more than 20,000 subscribers!

Top 10:

  • Forspoken (56179 subscribers)
  • Dead Space Remake (33893 subscribers)
  • Contraband Police (23485 subscribers)
  • Aquatico (17328 subscribers)
  • One Piece Odyssey (17136 subscribers)
  • SimRail – The Railway Simulator (12546 subscribers)
  • Superfuse (11410 subscribers)
  • Gatewalkers (10758 subscribers)
  • KartRider: Drift (10704 subscribers)
  • Inkulinati (8833 subscribers)
  • Forspoken screenshot 1
  • Forspoken screenshot 2
  • Forspoken screenshot 3
  • Forspoken screenshot 4

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