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Modern weapons and equipment temporarily appeared in the shooter Enlisted

From November 18th to 22nd, Enlisted included a brand new “Modern conflict” in-game event. As part of the entertainment mode, modern weapons and equipment from different countries appeared.

Skirmishes will take place at the locations of the Tunisian campaign, sapper shovels and obstacles for vehicles are allowed. Everyone is given prepared detachments of snipers and attack aircraft.

The key difference will be modern weapons, the developers have added several models from different countries, including the legendary M4A1, Steyr AUG, AK-47 and SCAR.

Of the current armored vehicles, the T-80U and M1A1 HC were introduced with extremely powerful high-explosive shells 120-125 mm.

You can evaluate the gameplay in a special trailer or for free right in the game. Participants receive Silver tickets for soldiers and weapons.

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