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MMORPG Legends of Soul released on Android

Finally, Legends of Soul released and it offers auto-leveling and symphonic music.

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Legends of Soul is a mobile MMORPG in which the player can choose 1 of 4 classes, including warrior, bard, and princess. From the very beginning, gamers are allowed to customize the camera and special filters on the screen. The main task is to increase the overall level of strength so that later you can join a guild and participate in global PvP.

Legends of Soul is currently available in many countries, including the Philippines, the US, the UK, and Canada. But you can’t call it an official launch, since the iOS version has not yet appeared, although it is listed on the website, and even in Germany, you won’t be able to play even on Android.

The battles in Legends of Soul are automatic, and sometimes you can hear the off-screen voice of the girl guide, which only “cuts your ears”. The good news is that in addition to the typical Asian MMO grind, players will be able to collect and develop creatures that they find during their adventures.

Legends of Soul was given a 16+ rating due to a “blatant display of brutality”.

Download at Google Play

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