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MMO Naruto: Slugfest X launched in Thailand

Mobile game Naruto: Slugfest X will appeal to all Naruto fans.

Naruto: Slugfest X is a mobile MMO in which the player assumes the role of a new student who will save the world, and from the very start they are given a standard Naruto model. The developers have tried so hard that they added voice acting during the dialogues.

As for the gameplay, it is tied to completing tasks around the hub city, although some take you to a separate location where you have to fight enemies. This is done manually and for the victory, the player is awarded experience, plus a loot box with gold and materials for pumping.

Naruto: Slugfest X launched in Thailand on Android. It is immediately clear that the global version is based on the Chinese one since during the video inserts, messages from other players are shown on the game engine, giving the impression that you are sitting on a popular stream.

Characters in Naruto: Slugfest X need to be leveled up to increase their overall power level. Also, gradually, players collect fragments of other popular characters from the Naruto anime. They are divided into difficulty levels, so they will come in handy when performing complex tasks.

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