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In the Beast Lord: The New Land strategy, you can build an animal kingdom

In Beast Lord: The New Land, everything that the rays of the sun fall on is your kingdom.

Beast Lord: The New Land is a mobile strategy where the player develops the animal kingdom. It all starts with small areas, and in the course of training, various creatures, including lions, elephants, and giraffes, destroy large areas of the forest and build their homes in their place.

Beast Lord: The New Land is now available on Android in the US. The developers have added tasks with rewards so that the player understands the basics. The main indicator is the overall level of strength of your animal kingdom. Only now, from the first minutes of the gameplay, the player is given production and construction accelerators. That is, in the future, you will need to spend a lot of time expanding your possessions.

In Beast Lord: The New Land, you need to summon new animals using the gacha system. It is interesting that in addition to the animals familiar to the Earth, in this game there are also aliens that give more bonuses. And more pumped gamers will be able to gather in an alliance to further expand their power.

Download the game: Google Play 


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