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How to run Linux on your Android smartphone

Android is built on top of Linux. But what if the user wants to turn their portable device into a mini PC?

Every year, the interfaces of operating systems based on Android become more beautiful. From this, they load a smartphone or tablet more, and the security of data and the users themselves go out of their hands into the clutches of foreign IT corporations with constant hacking of databases by hackers. And although Google promotes the idea of ​​​​a beautiful and personal design “Material You”, on the other hand, this company blocks the ability to download games by bypassing Google Play.

What to do with it? The simple answer is to install another OS, but not all these shells like EMUI and Magic UI, but a full-fledged Linux, on which Android is based. The easiest way is to put a virtual machine of the same Debian, there are special programs for this on Google Play, but the rating is low, and when deleting, you can generally demolish all files.

One experimental but complete solution is Ubuntu Touch. But in total, 87 devices support it, and quite specific ones – you will not find the same popular favorite POCO X3 Pro in the list . Some YouTubers generally state that Ubuntu Touch can be installed on almost all devices, but then skill is needed, and the device must have at least 1 GB of RAM. Even this OS still requires drivers from Android.

What other Linux distributions are there for smartphones?

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