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How To Fix Out Of Compliance With Current System Settings Error in Valorant

As Riot does not support some of the older versions of Windows 10 anymore, many players have encountered problems with Valorant, the most popular of which is the “Vanguard Out Of Compliance With Current System Settings” error. Luckily for you, we have a fix!

How To Fix The “Vanguard Out Of Compliance With Current System Settings” Error

  1. Open BIOS
  2. Turn off CSM (Compatibility Support Module) in BIOS. Note that for some of you, Secure Boot will show as “Enabled” but also “Not Active”, which will persist through reboots.
  3. Go to the Secure Boot tab in your BIOS
  4. Change the Secure Boot option from “Standard” to “Custom”, and then to “Standard” again
  5. Restore the settings to defaults
  6. Once you reboot your PC again, make sure that the Secure Boot option is enabled

And that is really it! That fixed the issue for us, and we would like to thank the Reddit user u/chaotic_goody for providing this solution for us. We hope that it works for you as well, and you can finally get back to action in Valorant!

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