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Giveaway: 9 free games for PC. A zombie shooter, RPG, horror, and more

Following in the footsteps of other sites that are hosting free giveaways and massive sales of games, the website has also started to host free giveaways. Gamers can pick up a total of nine games at once, including Rivet, Cup of Wish, Day and Knight, Alien Infiltration, Z-World, Christmas Horror, In The Kingdom, and Phobolis.

Rivet is an adventure game about a cute robot named Rivet. It takes place in a mysterious snowy world. During their playthrough, gamers will have to reveal the secrets this world holds.

  • rivet1
  • rivet2
  • rivet3
  • Rivet4
  • rivet5

You can download Rivet for free from here

Cup Of Wish is an old-school RPG set in a medieval fantasy world. The main character will have to defeat various monsters and bosses to eventually get his hands on a magical artifact – the Wishing Cup.


You can download Cup Of Wish for free from here

Day and Knight is an open-world adventure game about a knight who wields a special coin that allows him to control time and the tides. With its help, the hero will have to solve puzzles and embark on various adventures.

  • DayAndKnight1
  • DayAndKnight2
  • DayAndKnight3
  • DayAndKnight4
  • DayAndKnight5

You can download Day and Knight for free from here

Alien Infiltration is a space adventure game similar to the popular game Among Us. Gamers will have to find a hostile alien in their team before he destroys everyone.

  • alieninvasion1
  • alieninvasion2
  • alieninvasion3
  • alieninvasion4

You can download Alien Infiltration for free from here

Z-World is a third-person shooter where players have to survive waves of zombie attacks. The game can be played both in single-player and multiplayer modes.

  • z-world1
  • z-world2
  • z-world3

You can download Z-World for free from here

Christmas Horror is a first-person horror game about a character sent to a Canadian village by his boss. His task is to find out the truth about the mysterious events that took place there. Along the way, he meets an old man who tells the hero about a maniac who kidnaps people.

You can download Christmas Horror for free from here

In The Kingdom is a retro first-person shooter inspired by classic games like Wolfenstein, Doom, and Quake. Gamers have to destroy enemies among the ruins of the castle, poisoned by dark magic and evil forces.

  • inthekingdom2
  • inthekingdom1

You can download In The Kingdom for free from here

Phobolis is a surreal first-person horror action game with old-school graphics. The main task is to get freedom.

  • phobolis1
  • phobolis2
  • phobolis3
  • phobolis4
  • phobolis5

You can download Phobolis for free from here

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