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Geralt’s “voice” speaks out about Henry Cavill’s decision to leave The Witcher

Voice actor Doug Cockle, who played Geralt in the CD Projekt RED witcher trilogy, has once again spoken out about Henry Cavill’s departure from the Netflix series. Cockle doesn’t have insider info, but he also thinks that Cavill is unhappy with the show’s script.

Henry hasn’t revealed anything yet, but they say he didn’t agree with the storylines the writers were writing. If so, then I fully understand his decision. Henry is a big fan of the games and the books.

Doug Cockle

Cockle added that he also did not like the gag from the second season. However, he previously praised the first season for its well-written world and acting.

For some reason, the Netflix writers decided to deviate quite a bit from the original. Whether that’s a good or bad depends on what you like. Personally, I don’t understand this choice. I think that’s why Henry decided to leave. I wish Liam strength. I don’t envy him.

Doug Cockle

The third season of The Witcher will be released in the summer of 2023. Previously Netflix released the disastrous spin-off The Witcher: Origins.

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