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Freebie: 7 games and 4 apps are given away for free on Google Play and the App Store. Among them, there is a horror similar to Outlast

We are glad to present you a new selection of free offers in Google Play and App Store. For a limited time, seven games and four apps are being given away for free on mobile.

Free games for android:

  • Truth Or Dare Pro is a virtual version of the spin-the-bottle game. Great for house parties ( free download );
  • Mental Hospital 2 is a first-person horror game in the style of the Outlast series, set in a psychiatric hospital in which a young reporter has to film horrific events ( free download );
  • Dementia: Book of the Dead is an action horror game set in medieval England. The main character is a member of the Order of the Night Hunters, who have to go to a small village to face mystical forces there ( free download );
  • The Lost Lands Dinosaur Hunter is a 3D first-person dinosaur hunter simulator ( free download ).

Free programs for Android:

  • Pixel Nougat – Icon Pack – alternative round icons set ( free download );
  • VPN Pro – Pay once for life – a service for accessing blocked Internet resources ( free download ).

Free games for iOS:

  • Crash the Comet is an arcade game where you control a comet ( free download );
  • Space Shooter Endless Games is a space shooter where you have to fight against an alien threat. There are several warships to choose from ( free download );
  • Superflow is a minimalist game where you control two dots and avoid obstacles ( free download )

Free apps for iOS:

  • MirrorX: Mirror with Lights – virtual mirror ( free download );
  • AI Art Filters – photo editing software with filters ( free download ).

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