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Fan-Made Fallout 2 Remake in 3D – Free Download

An enthusiast with the nickname ConstructVOD released an early version of his own remake of the iconic game Fallout 2. You can download it for free and try it out! In addition, you can try the game directly in your browser.

Visually, the project is made with an old-school style in mind (like DOOM), but unlike the original Fallout 2’s isometric camera it has a first-person camera that allows you to explore the post-apocalyptic world from a new perspective.

Right now the game is at a very early stage, and therefore many of the planned features have not yet been implemented. For example, currently, the project does not allow you to communicate with NPCs or use Pip-Boy.

In Fallout 2 Remake, the player can create their own character and try out different types of weapons in combat with enemies or non-hostile characters, including a submachine gun, a knife, a gatling laser, and a pulse rifle.

You can download the project from here.

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