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CarX Street can be downloaded on Android

After playing an early version of CarX Street on Android, we understood why it was delayed for so long.

CarX Street is a game on PC and smartphones, which for now can be played normally purely on iOS. At the same time, the Android version is already available at least on Google Play. As stated in the description of the game, this is the beginning of an open beta test. While we do not know how long it will last, because the developers did not report it on official social networks; the last time they talked about internal testing of the Android version, which no longer converges with reality.

An early version of CarX Street weighs in at around 4 GB and will require 6 GB of RAM to play. The optimization is lame, which is why even the flagship heats up to 46 degrees, and the FPS drops to 15-30 on ultra settings. Our insiders report that there are no graphics, no physics, and no optimization in the Android version.

Download Here: Play Store


  1. Poco x3 pro, downloaded from the market, launched. Played yesterday and today. There is nothing to compare with, so I will say that the graphics are not bad. Let’s remember the NFS underground 2, nothing, we used to play, we were happy with the open world, I do the same now 🙂 I didn’t change the controls until I didn’t really delve into the settings. Today, after about 15-20 minutes of the game, the car began to “jump” as it moved forward (such as lags / glitches / what), the map probably loaded badly, I noticed a low Internet speed, MB because of this everything was so foolish. The phone heats up within normal limits, but did not play on ultra settings, pubg heats the phone stronger and faster (for me, at least)
    The rest is interesting stuff. There are shops for buying cars, of course, there are also purchase options for donations. Tunyachek workshops, racing, drifting around the city. I was waiting for such a game, even if it is still raw, but I hope it will be finished 🙂

  2. Of course, it’s heavy … snap 865 12gb, I almost went crazy … let’s hope for the hands of the developers and the way out of the beta.

  3. It’s sad that there is no game in the CIS countries, but I was waiting for the game so much … However, it’s good that I don’t play this raw product, maybe the phone broke due to the optimization curve. In any case, there is always a choice to take a bottle of rum (piracy ), and download the game from the browser (maybe even hack), as many people do now at the present time.

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