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BLUE LOCK Project World Champion Released In Japan

BLUE LOCK Project World Champion available on iOS and Android

BLUE LOCK Project World Champion is a mobile game that combines story, anime graphics, and football matches. You won’t be able to participate directly in them, and you can assemble a team of characters belonging to different roles and elements, focusing on a strong attacker.

BLUE LOCK Project World Champion has been released on iOS and Android in Japan, with no word on a global launch yet. By the way, this mobile game is based on the anime Blue Prison: Blue Lock, which was created after the defeat of Japan at the World Cup in 2018.

As for the gameplay in BLUE LOCK Project World Champion, it runs automatically and resembles a typical sports anime, that is, no CGI and no manual controls – just pictures. It turns out that for constant victories it is necessary to pump characters, this is done through training.

Judging by the description of BLUE LOCK Project World Champion on Google Play, in addition to the story campaign, players are waiting for global PvP.

Download the Game Here:

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