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Authors of Escape from Tarkov showcase screenshots of their new hardcore shooter

Battlestate Games Studio has published fresh screenshots of their new game Escape from Tarkov Arena, a separate session game based on the classic Tarkov. The images appeared on a new Twitter account that went live a few hours ago.

In the screenshots, you can see firefights inside arenas, as well as the interface of the game. Escape from Tarkov Arena is a session shooter where players take on the role of modern gladiators. The project will include different PvP and PvE modes, leveling as well as unlocking different equipment pieces.

  • tarkov arena 1
  • tarkov arena 2
  • tarkov arena 6
  • tarkov arena 5
  • tarkov arena 4
  • tarkov arena 7
  • tarkov arena 8
  • tarkov arena 9
  • tarkov arena 10
  • tarkov arena 11
  • tarkov arena 12
  • tarkov arena 13
  • tarkov arena 14
  • tarkov arena 15
  • tarkov arena 16
  • tarkov arena 18
  • tarkov arena 17

A release date for Arena has yet to be announced. Previously the studio released a major update for Escape from Tarkov with the long-awaited “Streets of Tarkov” map.

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