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Asus Unveils Their New Amazing Raikiri Xbox Controller

Asus unveils the ROG Raikiri Xbox controller capable to connect to Xbox and PC, which comes with an OLED display and a number of other elite features.

Asus has unveiled the Raikiri Pro, an Xbox-licensed controller with an OLED display, though there is not yet a release date or price. The peripheral arrives shortly after Microsoft patented a controller with an LCD display, which would likely serve a similar purpose as the one on the Asus device. But until and unless Microsoft releases its own take on the controller-con-display for consumers, gamers will at least have a couple of other options.

People have been creating custom game controllers for decades now, which has been facilitated by Microsoft’s Xbox Design Lab. Some of these fan-made controllers include displays, but the most well-known might be Hyperkin’s Xbox Duke controller that came out in 2018, whose giant circular logo served as a perfect location for an animated display. Until now, however, other manufacturers haven’t really jumped on the controller display bandwagon.

CES 2023 officially started on January 5, but companies began revealing their new products and technologies a few days before that. Asus unveiled the ROG Raikiri Pro, a controller with a 1.3-inch OLED display that has been officially licensed by Xbox primarily for use on PC. The tiny display has a resolution of 128 x 40, and its purpose is to check battery or mic status, pair via Bluetooth, and swap gaming profiles. But the screen can also be set to show custom animations, wallpapers, or text.

One perk of the Raikiri Pro is that it has three connectivity modes: 2.4GHz RF, Bluetooth 5.0, and wired USB-C. While the Asus website seems to be mainly touting the controller as a PC peripheral, it also mentions that it will work on next-gen Xbox consoles. Unfortunately, this likely means it will be compatible only with the Xbox Series X/S and not the Xbox One, which only has USB 3.0 ports, and the marketing blurb clarifies that the Raikiri Pro will work on a console via the wired USB-C connection.

The price of the Raikiri Pro Xbox controller has not yet been revealed, but it’s likely that it won’t be easily affordable for some. It comes with a number of features of more pricey peripherals like the Xbox Elite Series 2 or PlayStation’s DualSense Edge controller, which cost $179.99 and $199.99 respectively.

These features include four left and right rear buttons that have a textured finish so there’s less chance of sweaty fingers slipping around. These can be used as hotkeys for in-game commands or to adjust the controller’s joystick sensitivity. The left and right triggers offer either full or short trigger modes with customizable dead zones. And Asus’ Armoury Crate software serves as a hub to modify everything from vibration strength to button remapping to lighting. And for those who perhaps aren’t interested in the OLED display, there will also be a non-pro version of the Raikiri with fewer rear buttons. There is not yet a release date for either controller.

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