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A New Mysterious Page Has Appeared On Steam DB

Attentive Steam users have noticed that a mysterious page has appeared on Steam DB. The page is of an unnamed Valve project. Some gamers think that perhaps the company is preparing a new game for release!

The page appeared on January 4th. According to the data miner Tyler McVicker, who has spent years cracking secrets on Steam, this page might mean a major release by Valve.

Sometimes pages like this also refer to sales or hardware and software updates. McVicker also noted that just at the time this page was created, the CS:GO development team was making changes to the game’s files. Perhaps this is somehow related. In addition, there is speculation that the page may be related to Neon Prime (Valve’s new game based on the Dota 2 universe)

Reddit has already started a heated discussion about this page. Some gamers are looking forward to The Orange Box 2 (Valves’ new compilation), Portal 3, Half-Life 3, and Left 4 Dead 3.

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